Today I removed a tree that had the worst infestation I have ever seen. The branches almost looked alive there was so much movement from all the bugs. The infestation was caused by an insect called Aphid.

Aphids are also known as tree lice, they have the ability to reproduce extremely fast and they are one of the most destructive insect pests. There are many different species known and they can be found in a range of colours. The ones we dealt with today were black.

These insects effect many different tree types, they feed off the sap in the tree and infect it with a virus that will start to kill the tree.When a tree is affected by an infestation you can see curling leaves, you will notice the growth of the tree will slow, and as the infestation grows you will see clusters of these pests collected all over the tree.

As Aphids pests continue to take over your tree they create something called ‘honey dew’ its a sap like substance that covers the tree. This sap like substance also attracts other insects like aunts and wasps. The tree we took down today had all of the above. There was so much honey dew our hands were covered in a brown like sticky gew as we tried to clear the branches. We had wasps flying around us and ants everywhere. Such a mess.

If left to grow, the infestation will take over the tree and the honey dew sap can eventually cause the tree to develop of a black sooty mold that will make the tree and leaves appear dirty and grey. The infestation can also start to spread to other trees in your garden leaving you with a major mess to clean up.

If you start to notice an Aphid infestation you can try to plant flowering plants near by that will naturally attract other insects that eat Aphids like lady bugs, or you can source out environmentally safe pesticides from your local green house.

Unfortunately this tree was completely taken over, and the only option at this point was removal. If this happens to you let us help, we will take care of the take down and removal of the tree from your property. Leave a comment below or call 905-716-7337. We service a 2 hour radios around the GTA.

2 thoughts on “Tree Infestation

  1. Oh mn, I had a tree with an infestation like this last year. Was insane. The sap was so thick from the aphids I had wasps everywhere. I didn’t know where to start to even try and treat the tree or take it down. With spring on its ways I think I’m going to have to hire a professional if the winter didn’t kill the bugs… Do you do work in Barrie?

    1. Hey Rob, sounds like you have a serious infestation there. The aphids can be so small at times you don’t realize you have a problem until the tree is taken over. We do service the Barrie area. We can take care of the tree for you no problem at all. Call me at (905)716-7337 or email me at and we can make arrangements to meet up and talk about your tree.

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