When you are looking at your luscious big tress in your back yard sometimes you don’t think of everything that is going on underground. The root systems of your trees are massive and deep, they are a lot more intricate then you might think. Even after a tree is removed their root system will remain, depending on how old the tree is, the root system has the potential to be so large that it would be ridiculous to try and dig it all up.

The size of a trees root system will vary depending on type of tree. The root of the tree has 4 main purposes, they are to absorb water, anchor the tree to the ground, store food and nutrients, and reproduction.

Tree roots typically grow to be 3 times the size of the branch spread. The width in which the roots will grow will vary depending on the condition of the soil it is planted in, and can grow as deep as the tree is high.

Homeowners often worry about the roots of a tree damaging their home. The reality is, a tree doesn’t grow towards your home to break through the foundation, the roots grow to source out more nutrients and water for the tree to survive, if your foundation is to close to the tree as it grows it may cause damage over time. To avoid this, do some research about the depth and root structure of the trees before you plant them, this way you will know how far away from your home they will need to be planted.

Another great way to learn more about your tree is to go to your local nursery, there is usually someone there that has a wide range of knowledge about different tree species.

You may also want to seek out some of this information as well if you are thinking or removing a certain tree on your property. If the root system is vast you will be able to get rid of the tree on the surface but the root system below will remain. This could cause some troubles if you had plans for that area, weather it be deck building or a garden.

In the mean time enjoy your trees, they are amazing and offer so much to our environment…



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