The Process of Tree Removal

I don’t know if you have ever seen youtube videos of tree removal fails… But if you are thinking you want to take on a tree project yourself? I encourage you to check them out.

Tree removal does have a science to it, you have to remove branches one by one, tie them off, clear them and repeat the process until you are left with the cap of the tree.

The higher you go the more danger is involved if you don’t know what you are doing. The danger is not just to you, but you also increase the risk of property damage. People who are not experiences can easily take down their house with a tree, destroy fences, cars and even put themselves in the hospital.

As the tree branches are removed you want to keep cutting them down and loading them for removal, or putting them in bundles aside for a fire. In almost every job you may be surprised on how much debris there is when your taking down a tree. The importance of constantly clearing the branches and debris between cuts is to illuminate trip hazards as you move around the tree and remove the upper branches.

Tying off the tree and having a spotter is also a smart and safe idea when taking down trees. having someone put tension on a rope while the other is cutting will help increase the safety as the spotter can make sure the tree doesn’t fall in the wrong direction and they can also warn the cutter when the tree is starting to sway. I have seen videos of people using a fence or car to do this, and it almost always doesn’t end well.

If you aren’t planning to burn the wood then it will take multiple trips to the dump. Keeping things organized will save you time. It is not uncommon for a good sized tree to take an entire afternoon or day to take down and clean up.

Once the wood is cleared there will be a blanket of small branches and leaves to be cleaned, it will all need to be raked up, not all the debris will be able to be chewed up by a lawn mower.

Taking down a tree is a lot of work. It is s job that most people don’t realize what is involved until they start the job themselves…

This is a job that should be left up to the professionals, there are a lot of things that can wrong when removing a tree. Give yourself the piece of mind by having someone who knows what to do take care of the tree take down and the debris removal. There is always a potential for an accident, nothing is ever perfect, but by having someone with years of experience do the job you are minimizing the chances of something happening.

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