Name:  Makita 64 cc chainsaw review

Review: 5 stars

Price: $729


Description: This 64cc Chainsaw is a high powered professional tool offering features that include a throttle-lock start position with decompression valve, an external access hole allowing for easy carburetor adjustments, and an automatic, adjustable chain oiler. This professional chain saw has a catalytic converter, which reduces engine emissions and is environmentally friendly.

Pros: This chainsaw has an automatic adjustable chain oiler, chain and bar are included. It has a 1 year manufacturer warrantee + a 3 year maintenance and repair program (valued up to $150). Every person that purchased this chainsaw and left a review about it loved it. One referred to also having other makita products which gave them more confidence in ordering the chainsaw.

Cons: It’s only available online with there was a concern with the availability of the 20″ chain at their local hardware store, however you can also order it online if you need a replacement.

Recommendations: it is not often that I look into a product and every review is super positive with minimal if any concerns. Many people have preferences with the tools they use, so if you are already a Makita operator you will probably find this chainsaw works for you. A machine like this is something you really want to be sure about, there are many safety things to keep in mind. For your outdoor tree cutting needs there is no doubt that this machine will hold up.



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