Leaf Blower Reviews…. Whats your Brand?

Product Name: ECHO 25.4cc Gas Handheld Leaf Blower

Review: 4.4

Price: $329

Website: Homede.ca


Description: There is 158 reviews about this product on the Home Depotwebsite alone. The average from the customer rankings is 4.4. This is a high level performance blower with a lower levels of noise. The ECHO blower comes equipped with a cruise control option that is meant to help with operator fatigue. This product comes with a 5yr consumer warranty or a 2 yr professional warranty.

Pros: There is some serious love for ECHO products within the customer reviews. I personally have never used any of their product but after all the positive things I read about them, it is something I would definitely be considering. Blowers are typically pretty loud, this model expresses that this product has lower noise lever, the overall conclusion after reading through all the customer reviews is that it is exactly what the customer expected in terms of noise.

Cons: There was a little mention that it took a few times to wear in the blower to be what the customer thought it would be. Looking into the warranty of this product there isn’t a whole lot of positive to say about it. It’s a very limited warranty. Overall there seems to be way more satisfied customers then not, however I would keep this in mind when purchasing this product.

Recommendations: This particular model is only available online, however it does come with free shipping. There are tons of consumers out there who tired this blower and are really happy with it. Like everything out there, there is always a few instances where the customer had different expectations of a product or they may have gotten one that was defective. It is not often that so many people take the time to write about a particular product. This type of overall consumer satisfaction make it easy to recommend this as a considerable option. Check out the home depot website of you would like to see more about this product, or get one for yourself…

Product Name: TORO Power Sweep MPH 160 Leaf Blower

Review: 4.6

Price: $59.27

Website: Homedepot.ca

Description: This model is available to buy in stores and online. This is a very basic blower intended for lite clean up of patios or decks. At 5lbs Its lite weight and easy to use. It also comes with a 2 year full warranty.


Pros: The price is just crazy. I was very hard-pressed to find a customer review online that didn’t think this product was exactly what they though it would be, if not better. Most customer would just try this product because of the price, a lot were pleasantly surprised that it did the job exactly as advertised and they had hoped it would.

Cons: This blower is really best suited for hard surfaces. Customers were satisfied with the poser on their desks and patios, however were concerned about the clean up if they used it for leafs on their lawns.

Recommendations: This model is available to buy in stores and online. If you choose the in store option, you can always place your order online and then just walk in for the pick up. I do this more and more now a days as it is so much faster and you don’t have to wonder around forever trying to find exactly what you are looking for. With a product like this you really get what you par for. This is a blower priced under $60 when most of the ones I see now on the market are well over $200. In my opinion if you are looking for an easy lite weight blower for a terrace, patio or deck, this is your product. If you want a full multipurpose machine, I would venture into something like the ECHO mentioned above. For more info or to check out the in store pick up option go to the home depot.ca website.

Product Name: MAKITA 76cc Backpack Leaf Blower

Review: 4.4

Price: $696

Website: Homedepot.ca

Description: This particular product is only available online. This newly designed blower is powerful and Eco friendly. It has a newly designed 4-stroke engine, has low running costs, easy maintenance, and is built to be compact lit weight and have a lower noise level. This blower is intended for professional use. The warranty on this unit is 1 year manufacture warranty+ 3yr maintenance and repair program (valued at$150).

Pros: I really like that this product includes a clean air emissions rating. Overall the power the machine has, was what customer expected. Your not mixing oil and gas with this product, a lot of consumer satisfaction came with this.

Cons: You may have to get used to putting the blower on your back. It is a very different feel if you are someone who is used to using a hand blower.

Recommendation: There wasn’t nearly as much consumer feedback on this product then the others. Not to say this isn’t a great product, I just didn’t have as much comparative info to look at. One thing I know or sure, is that everyone has a brand that they are comfortable with. Brand loyalty is what all these companies strive to accomplish. This product is an online order only, your wait time would be about 5-9 days. Check out the homedepot.ca website of you want to see more of this product or order one for yourself.




4 thoughts on “Leaf Blower Reviews

  1. I have used the ECHO leaf blower before it it really did stand up to my expectations. Great product, your review really sums it up.

    1. Hi Ray, thank you for stopping by. That is great to hear. I had seen so many positive reviews online about this product. Nice to hear from one of our readers that they have had the same experience. Thank you for sharing…

  2. Mikita is my go too, all my tools I have are Mikita. I am in need of a new blower for this fall. I was looking at this model earlier, and I think you got me… I’m going to have to order it….

    1. If you do decide to order it you will have to let me know what you think of it… Im happy this review was able to help

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