Name: Honda Gas Push Lawn Mower

Review: 4.2 (according to many customer reviews)

Price: $419 CAD


Description: This product was made for the homeowner that is seeking a reliable mower with a budget friendly price. It has a tri cut cutting system. It’s lightweight durable and has excellent mulching capabilities. You can adjust it in two different places to customize your cut.

Warrantee: 3-year true start commitment – starts on 1 or 2 pulls or Lawn Boy will fix it for free. 2 year no worry warrantee – its all covered under Lawn Boy’s 2 year complete coverage warrantee.

Pros: 83% of customers who reviewed this product recommended it. Oil is supplied as it is required for the assembly, and instructions are easy to follow. Most of the customers report that it starts on the first pull every time and have had little or any issues. Any customer complaints were addressed by lawn boy on the site in the comments section. Was interesting to see that they took the time to respond to customer complaints and concerns.

Cons: A lot of the parts for this mower are reported to be plastic. Many who considered this product shared their concerns online within their review. Only one had any major issues, I did see that Lawn Boy responded to those concerns. The description says its great for mulching, a few people did not agree with that and say it was great for regular lawn mowing but wouldn’t use it for mulching. Many complaints of the front lift not staying, and that the part is plastic.

Recommendation: You get what you par for, this is a budget friendly product. There are no concerns about the mower, just some of the of parts. Lawn Boy seems to be really open to communication with its customer which gives me a more positive look at this product.

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